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Cheap Business Line Rental & Call Prices


New business customers often find our cheap business line rental and cheap business calls a very pleasant surprise. Small wonder, when you can save up to an incredible 35% against BT’s charges.1 Here’s how our key prices2 compare.


Our Prices


*Excludes ISDN 30 which is charged at £14.99 per month.

Why Titan:


As well as benefiting from cheap business line rental and calls, our small business customers benefit from:


  • Capped calls - The first hour of most calls will not cost above the capped rate

  • Tailored call options - For even cheaper business calls, why not tailor our call plans to suit your business needs?

  • Unlimited calls from your landline to all UK mobiles and numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03

  • Price guarantee - If you spot lower prices elsewhere, let us know and we'll match them. Guaranteed.



1Based on price comparisons of BT Line Rental (Prompt Care) under a 24 month package, as published on, and Titan’s Line Rental on 1 October 2015. Where Titan is unable to supply line rental using its standard technology, Titan will use an alternative technology and an upgraded care level cover at an additional cost of 50ppm (subject to your agreement). 2Prices quoted are pence per minute unless otherwise stated. 3Connection charges apply; 10p to local and national, 12p to mobile and 12p to international destinations, unless stated otherwise. Calls are capped at the “Capped” rates quoted for the first hour. Calls longer than 60 minutes will be charged at the applicable rates afer 60 minutes. All prices exclude VAT and are listed in pence per minute, Calls to mobiles will becharged at the above original operator rates. 

4Please click here for a full price list.