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0845 Marketing Tips

Once you have received confirmation that your new 0845 number is ready to use you will only receive calls from it if you tell people about it. Below are some ideas of how you can tell people about your new 0845 number:

Ensure your website is up to date

A quick and easy way to advertise your new 0845 number, updating your website ensures your new number is on display immediately.

Ensure your stationary is up to date

One of the big advantages of an 0845 number is that if you ever move your telephone number stays the same. Making sure your new number is listed on business cards, letterheads, company brochures etc will ensure customers have a way to contact you, no matter how many times you may relocate.

Inform your customers

Send letters to your existing customers and suppliers to inform them about your new 0845 number. Use this letter as an opportunity to tell them about other developments within your company, invite them to contact you about new products and services, and show you are a progressive and growing company.

Update advertisements

Any advertisements you currently have, for example in newspapers, the Yellow Pages or on, should be updated to show your new 0845 number.

Branded Stationary

If your work involves meeting customers, or the general public in person, invest in some customised stationary, such as pens or mugs, which feature your new 0845 number. Customers will always have your contact number to hand.