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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


+The invoice I have received is not fully itemised, how can I view a fully itemised invoice?

You can view all your bills in our online Customer Zone.

Register your account using the unique activation code on your invoice. Online services include full itemisation of all calls and services, and account management tools to help you analyse your expenditure.

Moving Premises

+What do I do if I am moving premises?

When you are moving premises, it is important to give us as much notice as possible (at least 30 days).

Contact the Titan Telecom Customer Service Team on 0844 257 0844 and we will coordinate the transfer of supply to your new premises, arrange an engineer’s appointment and secure the retention of your telephone numbers wherever possible. If it is not possible to retain your numbers, we can offer effective solutions to ensure you never miss a call.

+What are my options if I am unable to retain my number?

There are two options, should you not be able to retain your number: Caller Redirect is a recorded message that informs callers what your new number is. Remote Call Forwarding diverts calls to your new number. Please see our price list for pricing details.


+What do I do if I have a telecoms fault?

If you are unfortunate enough to experience a telecoms fault, you can report the fault online by logging in to Customer Zone or by calling our customer service team. We will carry out live line tests and advise you on any simple equipment checks you can carry out yourself. Alternatively, to see if there are any major issues in your area that might be affecting services, use the below online checker by simply typing your postcode in to the box.  If a major problem has been identified in your area you’ll see what’s caused it, when it was reported and an indication of when it should be fixed.

Local network status checker

If following these checks the fault is still present then, following time related charge confirmations, we will liaise with BT Openreach engineers on your authority to rectify the fault as soon as possible, keeping you fully updated every step of the way. On certain occasions it may be possible to offer you a temporary call diversion facility.

+What are the Time Related Charges?

Time related charges (TRC’s) are charges we must inform you of before proceeding to log a fault with BT Openreach. If work of any kind is carried out by a BT Openreach engineer to rectify your fault and the fault is not on BT Openreach’s Network, but with your equipment, you will be charged a call out fee of £115.00, and an hourly rate of £57.00 per part hour thereafter. If the fault is found to be with the line itself, then these charges will not apply. We strongly advise you fully test and check all onsite equipment thoroughly before proceeding with the logging of your fault. Please note these charges are made to us by BT Openreach and apply to all communication providers that use BT Openreach’s Network.

+What is a temporary call diversion facility?

A temporary call diversion (TCD) is a facility where you may divert all your calls from your faulty line to a destination number of your choice until the fault has been resolved.

+How much does the temporary call diversion (TCD) facility cost?

The temporary call diversion (TCD) facility has a set up fee of £8.00, and then the cost of all diverted calls received as detailed on your tariff pricing sheet. This will be discussed at the time of your time related charges agreement upon the logging of your fault with BT Openreach.

+How long will my fault take to be fixed?

This depends completely on the nature of the fault. Fault resolution times vary depending on the nature of the fault. We will communicate directly with BT Openreach at regular intervals, and keep you fully updated on the progress of the fault.

+Would my fault be fixed more quickly by BT Retail?

No. BT Openreach have provided legally binding undertakings to Ofcom that commit them to providing equal levels of service to all BT Openreach customers.

+Once the fault has been resolved, can I seek compensation from Titan Telecom?

A fault can occur for reasons beyond our control at any time. We endeavour to provide a high quality service to all our customers experiencing a fault, resolving any fault as quickly as possible with minimal inconvenience and disruption. However, for this reason we are unable to offer compensation.