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+Sept 2014 - More bonuses hit! Plus... get prepared for our busiest time of year...

More and more partners have hit their volume bonuses over the past few months, so congratulations and keep up the good work! 

Traditionally we are entering into our busiest period as we see more business placed with us between now and the end of December, than any other time of the year. Ultimately, this means more cash generated and in your pocket before Christmas...

+July 2014 - 1000th Partner Signed! Highest Number of Dealers Get Volume Bonus


It's been a fantastic month for us here at Titan. We've reached a new milestone, broken new records and had deals flooding in, great news for us and our Partners!


+May 2014 - Broadband Sales Up 275% Last 3 Months!; Industry Changes To Broadband Advertising


We've been busy running our analysis and crunching the numbers over the past month and we have some fantastic news for you below. It's been a very broadband orientated month as we've also updated all our marketing literature to reflect changes within the industry!


+April 2014 News - BT broadband tops Ofcom complaints list; BT and government criticised; New Titan Channel Manager

With Easter finally here you can be sure that we are entering the selling season. Here at Titan we always get extremely excited when we hit Easter as it signals the start of the best time of year to be selling our products. During the period between now and October, Titan Partners will generate the majority of their annual sales, and in the process they will earn themselves commission at the highest level.



+March 2014 - Highest Number of Partners Uploading Deals, BT Wins Wooden Spoon Award for Rotten Customer Service, The Importance of Great Customer Service & The Ability To Self Serve, UK Growth Fastest Since recession As Businesses Looking To Expand

Spring is here, the sun is shining and it's been another fantastic month here at Titanwith a record amount of Partners recording deals this month than at any point in the last two years!  

+February 2014 - UK Growth Fastest Since Recession, BT Switch Off Could Leave Unprepared Businesses Without Internet, New Titan Partners Linked In Page

The weather's been awful this past month with most of the UK being affected in some way or another, be it rain, storms, floods or high winds. However it's not been all doom and gloom, with recent figures published by the Office for National Statistics showing that the UK economy grew by 0.7% in the last three months of 2013, taking the expansion for 2013 to 1.9% - the highest growth rate since 2007.

In addition to this growth rate, StartUp Britain, a group set up to promote entrepreneurship, reported that more than 380,000 businesses were started in the UK between November 2012 and October 2013. And in Scotland alone, financial accountancy firm KPMG is reporting that the total number of businesses failing in the year to 30 September 2013 is down by 33%, the first time an annualised drop has been recorded since 2008.

This is fantastic news for all businesses after the recession; particularly SME’s, less of them are failing and  many of them are expanding through hiring more staff, opening larger and additional premises, and expanding their products and services range to customers. This expansion by SME’s creates more opportunities for Titan Telecom to sell our services to them, with additional lines being needed.

Titan is the option for these businesses to save money and with BT’s constant and latest price increases, our overall customer savings against BT’s standard business tariff, for each £500 of an average customer’s BT bill is a whopping saving of 58%!

+January 2014 - 2013 Yearly Round-Up

2013 has been one of our best years ever, with product enhancements being made, new commission structures put in place allowing our Partners to earn more, and the introduction of our first ever offer. 


+November 2013 - 2 Months Free Line Rental, Record Commission Paid

It's been a fantastic month here at Titan and for our Partners! Not only have we paid out a record amount in commission to our Partners, but we have also had a record amount of Partners who have been paid the volume bonus.

In addition, we've once again listened to our Partners and brought back a fantastic offer to help you fill your boots in time for Christmas.


+October 2013 - 66% Increase in Sales, 4 X More Partners Are Getting Paid Volume Bonus

It's been a very good month for us and our Partners and here at Titan we are hoping it will continue into the Autumn months.


+September 2013 - No MAC Codes Needed, More Deals Going Live

We are extremely pleased to say that the market is clearly getting better. With the automatic rollover contract ban now in place our competitors are now unable to rollover contracts of their existing customers, meaning there are fewer businesses under contract and more in the market looking for a competitive deal for their telecoms. Titan has already and will continue to take advantage of this with our low priced products and exceptional UK customer service appealing to small business across the UK.

The excellent systems and teams we have in place here at Titan has also meant that it has never been easier to transfer customers to us, with more customers going live and higher commissions being paid than ever before - great news for all our Partners!


+August 2013 - New Broadband Option Takes Off, Titan's USP's

It's been a great few weeks here at Titan. The sun has been shining, Partners have been selling, and we've been paying out increased commissions - everyone's happy!


+July 2013 - Free Sales Training, No Customer Credit Checks, Free 30 Day Trial

Titan Partners are currently in their peak season selling our services and they have never been happier with the level of sales they are making and the high commission they are receiving on a weekly basis.

We are continuing to increase our market share and brand presence in the industry and all in all, there has never been a better time to join us.


+June 2013 - 2 Months Free Line Rental Extended, Live rates Over 70%

There's never been a better time to start selling for Titan. Not only have we extended our fantastic 2 months free line rental offer we are also achieving live rates of over 70%!


+April 2013 - New 2 Year Contracts Available, Partners Benefitting From New Training Material

We have been extremely busy over the Easter period with the launch of our two month's free line rental offer and in running our training sessions for our partners. We have also been working on a new two-year contract which is available from 1st May 2013.


+March 2013 - Partner Announcement - TWO Months FREE Line Rental

We've listened to our Partners, and we are delighted to announce that starting this Monday 4th March we will be launching a brand new fantastic offer:


We hope you will agree that this offer should give you a tremendous platform in which to "fill your boots" and increase your commissions and your profits.


+7th January 2013 - Titan's New Head of Channel Sales - George Zervos

We have recently appointed a new Head of Channel Sales - George Zervos. George has 15 years experience in the telecoms industry delivering outstanding results in driving large national direct sales forces and channel partner sales. As a previous Titan partner George has acheived contract sales of over 3600 live lines in one year earning him commission including monthly and anniversary bonuses of well over £500k with a net profit of £156k.

"I look forward to building a close working relationship with all our channel partners and assist you with my vast knowledge and understanding of Titan's products and services and how you can take the product to the market place and substantially increase your bottom line profit" George stated.

+1st January 2013 - No more rolling contracts!

Due to Ofcom's ban on rolling contracts, there has never been a better time to start selling the Titan product.

Our competitors are now unable to rollover the contracts of their exisitng customers, meaning there will be fewer businesses under contract and greater selling opportunities for our Titan partners. As these businesses will not be tied in to their existing contracts anymore it should also be easier to sell to them too, allowing all our partners to increase their profits.