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Customer Testimonials

Reviews from happy customers

There is nothing more valauble to our company than feedback and reviews from our customers. At Titan, we are lucky to receive many compliments from happy customers who have received and experienced an excellent service.

If you are considering switching to Titan, then why not read some of the testimonials and reviews below to hear what our customers have to say about us. We ask them regularly for their views and opinions as this ensures that we continue to provide a superior service at an unbeatable price.


"Does exactly what it say's in the brochure. Every department within Titan was professional, helpful and supported me in every step while changing from BT."

Ian Graham

Source: Trustpilot


"Titan Telecom support services team responded well to suspected line fault."

Mr Hibberd

Source: Trustpilot


"Titan showed BT how to do it. The gentleman tested the line and booked Openreach to come and deal with the problem there and then. The same problem is on my other line and it took BT until 5.30pm to get back to me."

Mrs Salisbury

Source: Trustpilot


"I was very impressed with the speed that Titan managed to get my phone back on line."

Mike Harris

Source: Trustpilot


"It does what it says on the tin, cheap telephone calls. I moved to them and have saved money"

Lucy H

Source: Trustpilot


"I have been with Titan for my phone lines for nearly two years now and have always been very happy with the service."

Mrs H Ivey - The Koffee Shop


"As a new customer when my phone lines went down I was very impressed with the service and communication I received whilst the lines were being fixed. The staff were friendly and helpful."

Mrs W R, Congleton


"Titan’s service is very good. I get regular calls to check everything is ok. When I needed help setting up my router the guy who talked me through it over the phone was excellent, it took me a while but he was very patient and helpful. We have been up and running problem free ever since”

Mr A S, Engineering, Oxford


“If I have had any problems in the past it’s always been fixed straight away. I’ve been with Titan since 2008, for telecoms and for broadband, and have always been very pleased with the service.”

Mr J.I Architects, Ireland


“I’ve never had a fault with my phone line, not once. The service runs smoothly, as it’s supposed to”

Anthony, Hospitality, West Yorkshire


“Last year I needed some copies of my paper invoices and I found that the customer service advisors were very helpful and friendly. I am very happy with the service from Titan”

Mrs M.M, Florist, Merseyside


“With Titan you get helpful customer service when it is needed. I’ve had no problems at all, everything has been fine”

Phil, Automotive Sector, Nottinghamshire


“The last 4 years of service have been totally trouble free and very satisfactory”

J Orsborn, Hertfordshire


“I have had no problems with Titan. The service works well. They have always been a nice, easy, straight forward company to deal with and that is great.”  

Jane, Retail, Somerset


"I would just like to say thank you for all your help over the past few days with trying to get my business line running. I would definitely consider a future contract with Titan. I really appreciate everything you have helped with, and I hope your superiors understand what a great team member they have in the company. Thanks again.”

Vicky, Hairdresser

I felt it very important that I communicated to you what an asset Jade McGuire is to your business. I believe we have been with you for just under two years. Recently, we needed the installation of more ISDN2 lines, which Jade handled from the beginning.

Anyway, BT Openreach managed to mess up this order completely and only managed to finish this job after 3 visits, although it could have been completed the first time the engineer came in.
Jade was fantastic in the way she treated this matter and chased them diligently and totally worked for us as your customer. I have been dealing with providers of different services for the past 10 years and no one has impressed me as much as Jade has. I could sum it up by saying she treated this as it affected her personally and a business that has someone like this is truly blessed.

The thing that touched me the most was that through the weeks that we were being messed around with by BT, Jade would call me before I called her, with an update. Although, BT’s actions were inconveniencing us we didn’t feel it as much due to her fantastic support.

Please pass my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for a job well done.

Mr B P
Pharmaceutical Company


"Want to say thank you to Kieran Boyle for his service: Patient; Focused; Light!
Have a nice day.


Mrs J C

"Thank you for your letter dated 5th. We very much appreciate the credit you have placed on our account as a goodwill gesture. It makes a change these days for a company to hold its hands up and admit an error and to rectify it without fuss.

Our dealings with Titan Telecom to date have been a pleasant change from our experience with BT, who appears to treat customers as an inconvenience. It took a summons to even get a response.

Our monthly bills have been less even though our usage has increased slightly so all round we are very satisfied with your service.
Once again thank you for your prompt reply.”

Mr C J M