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Why Titan

Titan Telecom’s mission is simple: Provide businesses throughout the UK with superior service at an unbeatable price.

To fulfil this mission and ensure our customers receive the highest quality of service at the lowest cost we use BT’s network, the most robust telephone network in the UK.

Titan Telecom is also at the cutting edge of the telecoms industry, and is the first telecommunications company to have all customers managed via the BT Openreach Wholesale Line Rental 3 (WLR3) platform. This cutting edge technology allows us to effectively automate our systems, providing customers with an efficient and convenient service.

Our products and services are designed for business customers and our focus is on providing a quality service, specifically tailored to business needs. Our unbeatable prices are backed up by a UK-based customer service team experienced in fulfilling customers' needs.

Why not experience the benefits Titan Telecom can offer your business and take advantage of our 30 day, no obligation, trial period.

Helping to make life easier

We want to ensure that we provide our customers with the best service that we can.  In order to ensure this, we are able to provide additional support to those who need it, especially those who are [60] years of age and over, living with a disability or illness, or have other specific requirements, for example, do not have English as a first language.  If you consider that you require additional assistance, then please contact our Customer Services Department and talk to one of our representatives. Our representatives are there to listen and will endeavour to assist you as much as they can.


To ensure any issues experienced by customers are dealt with in an efficient manner Titan Telecom have a dedicated complaints escalation process. Please visit our Code of Practice section for further details.

Sales and Marketing Code of Practice and Ofcom General Conditions

Titan Telecom has a Sales and Marketing Code of Practice which is available to download here.

Titan Telecom also comply with the Ofcom General Conditions. Sales activity is covered by General Condition 22 which can be found here.